The winter months are notoriously unforgiving when it comes to weight gain, and for a number of valid reasons. For those of us who reside in areas where the mercury routinely hugs the freezing mark, staying active can be downright brutal… if not a full-on impossibility. This, coupled with the holiday season’s long stretch of indulging and overeating and getting comfortable on the sofa, represents the perfect recipe for packing on pounds of unwanted excess body fat.

Practical Tips for Avoiding Winter Weight Gain

 Whether you’re a patient here at our Minneapolis weight loss clinic or just stopping by for a casual read, we thought it would be helpful to share a few effective ways to prevent excess weight gain during the winter months.

Have a Realistic Weight Management Plan

The individuals who keep their weight under control after completing a fat loss program, are often the same ones who go into the winter months with a solid plan.  This means contemplating in advance ways to keep your activity levels high, realistic allowances for holiday splurging, and practical ways to support your metabolic system’s increased workload. Set goals that you can achieve and remain adamant about respecting them.

Take Less, Eat Less, Leave a Little

We’re all guilty of having eyes that are bigger than our stomachs, but when it becomes a routine part of one’s eating habits, it’s time to integrate some changes. A great way to go about this is by training your body to eat a bite (or so) less each time, and avoiding the habit of filling every square inch of your plate with food. Another good method, albeit somewhat wasteful, is to leave a bite or two more than you normally would, uneaten. And eat slow, it takes a few minutes for the stomach to tell the brain that it’s full.

Keep an Ongoing Bodyweight Journal

In far too many cases of winter weight gain, it’s not until after the changes become noticeable does a person realize that they’ve put on ten, fifteen, twenty pounds or more. Purchase a reliable scale and keep track of your stats on a daily basis, including bodyweight, BMI, energy levels, and so on.  If you see yourself sliding in the wrong direction, knowing your history can allow you to catch it early and make any necessary changes to your diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep patterns or any others as you see fit.

Take Pictures Before the Temperatures Drop

It’s all but impossible to notice minuscule changes in our physical appearance when we’re constantly looking at mirrors, taking selfies and checking out our reflection on shiny surfaces. And regardless of where you’re at, physically, having an unpolished visual reminder of yourself in early to late fall can be very helpful when gauging the success of your winter weight management efforts.

Learn More About Fat Loss and Weight Management in Minneapolis

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