For many people who make the decision to lose weight and excess body fat, the motivation is understandably to look better, fit into smaller clothes, and so on.  In addition to the physical benefits, however, there are just as many unforeseen health and wellness benefits that commonly happen once a more healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) has been achieved.  These come as a welcome surprise to many, and can serve as even greater motivation to live a life that’s healthier and more rewarding.

Let’s review a few of the more frequently reported secondary health benefits that can come from losing body fat, to better understand how a custom weight loss program may help with more than just achieving a lean physique.

Weight Loss Reduces Joint Pain

Excess body weight, especially in the form of dense, stubborn body fat, can place a tremendous amount of strain on the ankles, knees, hips and lower back.  As many have discovered, losing the weight minimizes the excess cargo you’re forced to carry around, gradually reducing the amount of downward force on the body’s hardworking joint structures. We’ve seen patients all but eliminate knee, foot and hip pain, with many able to stop taking daily pain medications.

Improved Sleep Patterns

One of the most welcome unexpected advantages of losing weight, is the improvement in sleep patterns that many experience. When the body is overweight or in a state of clinical obesity, there are numerous stressors (biological and mental) that can make it very difficult for the body to fall asleep and stay in that state.  This interferes with the body’s natural healing mechanisms and can further compound underlying issues.  Many who lose the weight report sleeping better, dreaming again, and waking feeling rested and energized.

More Natural Energy

Carrying around more weight than the body is designed for is a true enemy of natural energy production.  When a person’s BMI is too high, every major system in the body must work just a little harder to account for the excess body mass.  And since this process requires more energy, other systems can suffer immensely.  One of the many unexpected perks of a custom weight loss program, is the boost in natural energy that so many patients discover, inadvertently.

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