While many strive to lose weight for the vast health and energy benefits it provides, achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight also offers a host of anti-aging benefits.  Here at Shelton Weight Loss in Minneapolis, we believe in helping each patient understand how substantially the aging process can be affected as a result of being overweight.

  • Custom weight & fat loss programs for anti-aging support
  • Our systems require no dieting, exercise or dietary supplements
  • Many patients report losing as much as 30-40 pounds in only 40 days
  • Weight loss helps improve circulation, energy levels and nutrient delivery
  • Promotes better sleep patterns for more normalized cell and tissue restoration

How Does Being Overweight Affect the Aging Process?

Our bodies age as a result of many factors, with stress being among the most influential.  When we're forced to carry around excess weight for extended periods of time, the body's major systems must work harder than they were designed to.  This, coupled with the physical stress on joints and muscle groups, can end up aging the cells faster than they would in a healthy BMI scenario.  And as the cells age inside, we age outside.

Since there is no fountain of youth yet to be found, the best we can do in slowing the hands of time is to care for our bodies.  Attaining a more slender, youthful physique comes with many perks, including the potential to keep your aging process in check.

Lose Weight and Rediscover the More Youthful You!

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