You don't need any reminders about how stressful being overweight can be in this day and age.  The nonstop media barrage of slender people can leave those who even are few pounds overweight feeling depressed and insecure.  Emotional stress is only one part of a much bigger picture, though.  Carrying 10, 20 or even more pounds in excess body fat places a tremendous strain on the body's joints, muscle groups, spine and cells; all of which become stressed at the biological level.

When the body is left to function in a state of system-wide stress, it releases a hormone known as Cortisol as a defense mechanism.  But there's a catch.  Constantly churning out stress hormones can slow the metabolic process, making it all the more challenging for someone to lose weight and enjoy an active life.  At Shelton Weight Loss in Minneapolis, we create custom fat loss programs that address the needs of your body, as well as those of your mood and mental outlook.

Lose Weight to Improve Mood and Mindset

There's no longer any debate on whether losing weight can improve a person's daily state of mind, as evidenced by virtually everyone who's successfully gone from obese to fit.  The caveat is finding a fat loss program that is truly effective and easy to adhere to.

  • Custom weight loss programs designed around you, your lifestyle and goals
  • Clinically-researched rapid weight loss systems
  • Losing weight can have an instant and ongoing positive effect on mood
  • Improve your confidence levels while engaging in more social activities
  • Lose weight without drugs, crash dieting, surgery or dietary supplements
  • Ongoing support from a leading weight loss physician and health specialists

Rapid Weight Loss Programs in Minneapolis and Throughout MN

Whether you're slightly overweight or struggling with severe obesity, it's important to be aware of the stress cycle that inevitably comes from carrying too much body fat.  Shelton Weight Loss Clinic in Minneapolis has worked with thousands of patients over the years; many who believed there was no hope for a life with real quality.  Let us show you why our approach and techniques are so vastly different, and reclaim the joy that you've been missing.

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