The technology behind VitaLife’s weight loss system represents a scientific breakthrough allowing the body to communicate its biological, hormonal and nutritional needs more effectively.  Through use of a galvanic skin response, the technology sends specific messages throughout the body while monitoring the physiochemical response.  Baseline comparisons allow for detailed analysis of unique biological preferences, out-of-range biomarkers, as well as areas where the body may be imbalanced or weak.

This remarkable weight loss technology allows the nearly 500 million bio-communications occurring each second to be properly assessed. In addition to allowing for a more personalized and targeted fat loss program, it can also help promote better all-around health, increased energy and better overall wellness.

Advanced Weight Loss Technology in Minneapolis MN

VitaLife’s technology takes a detailed hormonal fingerprint to accurately determine the exact and ideal path each individual should take to attain an optimal state of fat burning, metabolic energy and more desirable health. In doing so, our weight loss physicians can efficiently measure the body’s inherent healing potential in ways that were once considered nearly impossible just a decade ago.

The technology behind VitaLife is so innovative and targeted, it can also help identify and address hormonal imbalance, potential organ weaknesses and more.

Discover Today’s Most Advanced Weight Loss Technology

Here at our popular Minneapolis MN weight loss clinic, we’ve noticed that word is already spreading fast about the success and rapid effectiveness of VitaLife.  We’ve helped patients from all across the state of Minnesota, and we invite you to learn more about how it may be exactly what you’ve been needing to finally see the results you’re after.  Losing anywhere from 20 to 45 pounds in just 45 days is not uncommon, and we look forward to helping you become our next success story.

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