Despite the many concerns arising from excess sugar consumption, it’s important to remember that sugar occurs naturally in fruits, vegetables and many other sources of nutrition.  In low amounts and when derived from naturally occurring sources, it provides both energy which is used to fuel countless biological functions throughout the body.  Of course, very few of us are getting 100% of our sugar intake from clean, biologically-friendly food sources.  And this is when it can have a serious impact on one’s ability to lose weight.

Today, sugar and artificial sweeteners are rife in our mainstream diet.  It’s become almost impossible to avoid it when taking measures to sculpt a fit, healthy physique.  Across the globe and especially here in the US, we’ve become accustomed to satisfying our proverbial sweet tooth in a moment’s notice, and the temptations are everywhere.  Over time, the compounding effects of consuming a diet high in sugar, modified corn syrup and other powerful artificial sweeteners can take a toll on more than just a person’s waistline.

The effects can be felt system-wide, including everything from hormonal imbalances, oral health issues, sleep disturbances and countless others.  What most people don’t realize, is that when the body’s other major systems are compromised, losing weight and keeping it off can become a daunting task.

Moderating Sugar Intake for Health and Weight Loss

Think about how much sugar you consume in a day from coffee, sweets, sodas, processed foods and so on.  It adds up quickly, but keep in mind that most people do not require anywhere near the amount they’re getting on a daily basis.  Sugar is powerful and rapidly absorbed by the body, which means that even a very minimal amount will go a long way.  When looking at the numbers, experts and various studies suggest that based on a 2,000 calorie per day diet, no more than 5-15% of that should come from sugar.

This equates to approximately 200-300 calories from sugar, per day, max.  And it will comes as no surprise that even the most cautious dieter can have a difficult time staying within these parameters.  As a result, many struggle to lose the pounds despite their dedication and ongoing efforts.

The Danger of Empty Calories

Sugar, though powerful and marked by its strong effects throughout the body, actually contains no real nutritional value.  This is what we refer to as empty calories.  As a result of this, sugar consumption does not result in feelings of fullness, often encouraging the person to consume abnormally high volumes without realizing the system-wide impact it is having.

Getting trapped in a daily cycle of excess sugar intake can have seriously detrimental effects, eventually leaving the body in a state where it’s craving the high volumes simply to get through the day.  Not only does losing weight and stored body fat become increasingly difficult, the body’s major organ systems and crucial functions can be impacted over time.  This includes the onset of diabetes, blood and circulation disturbances, heart conditions and many others.

Losing Weight Starts With Managing Sugar Intake

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